Once Romania joined the European Union, certificates of origin used up to that point (pink form) are no longer valid, being replaced by new forms of universal certificates of origin, certifying the origin of the European Community with specific home country Romania, sets three sheets of different colors and watermark on the first tab, under EEC regulation no. 2454/1993 of the Commission of 02.07.1993 on implementing provisions to adjust. EEC no. 2913/92 laying down the Community Customs Code.

Based on the legal basis given by Decree-Law 130/1990, only the Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry are empowered to issue “certificates of origin for Romanian export goods.”

Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry can provide certificates of origin, along with guidance for completing their instruction, according to international regulations and ICC Rules of Paris (International Chamber of Commerce).

The price to purchase a set of Certificate of Origin is 5 $ (USD) + VAT.

The new Certificate of Origin certificates are also used in European financing programs to certify the origin of the products used and accepted definitions.


RON 365 addition VAT
Members of Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry may benefit of discounts according to the level of fees:
  • Fee 2500 lei discount 5%
  • Fee 5000 lei discount 10%
  • Fee 10.000 lei discount 20%
  • Fee 15.000 lei discount 30%
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