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The Advisory Service within the Legal-Arbitration-Human Resources Department provides assistance both in the process of setting up commercial companies and in the process of amending their constituent acts.

We offer legal assistance in identifying / choosing the most appropriate legal form (SA, SRL, SRL-D, PFA, II, etc.).
We go through all the steps, from reserving the name until the registration certificate is lifted:

  • consultant on necessary documents;
  • the drafting of the constitutive documents, the rental or commodity contracts, the declaration of honor of the associates and the administrators;
  • filling in requests and forms, filing, filing and withdrawing a file from the Trade Registry Office attached to the Brasov Court.

Starting from a simple set up of a subsidiary to cessions, mergers, or divisions:

  • consultant regarding the modification of company documents;
  • drafting the necessary documents and filling in the forms;
  • filing and withdrawing a file from the Trade Registry Office attached to the Prahova Court.

The Court of Commercial Arbitration attached to the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry operates on the basis of the legal provisions in force as a permanent arbitration institution, which offers a quick and efficient solution as an alternative to the jurisdiction of the state courts.

The Court of Arbitration attached to the CCI Prahova has formed and maintained a very good reputation and credibility, by the quality of the given verdicts , the reputation and professional training of the judges and the institutional stability of the Court.

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Legal Department Human Resources Commercial Arbitration

Director: Ms. Andra APOSTU

  • For any information considered of interest to you, please contact us:
  • Adress:Ploiești, str. Cuza Vodă nr. 8, Prahova, România
  • Phone:(+40) 344 401.203
  • Fax:(+40) 244 512.552
  • Department Page:click for internal link
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