The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania has developed the rating service for companies – Risk Partner, a unique report provided for Prahova County by the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which brings predictability in business relations. The report, which contains updated legal and financial information about Romanian businesses, including the recommended credit limit, is accompanied by a broad analysis of the company for which it executes the query and will be issued in real time.
The report analyzes criteria such as good reputation, solvability, operational profitability, export potential, recorded payment incidents related to the companies for which issuance is requested.
The Partner Risk Certificate can be requested directly at the CCI Prahova by filling in the attached form.

Risk Partner is a new service offered by Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a necessary tool for substantiating decisions about a new business or a potential partner;

Partner Risk provides a complex set of information based on company financial results synthesized in a way that is very accessible to the end user. Thus, Risk Partner is an effective risk management tool for business decision-making that contains a well-structured financial analysis.

Why do business people need the Risk Partner Report?

  • the volatility of the economic environment hampers the process of selecting potential business partners;
  • to streamline decision-making, companies need clear and detailed information about their existing and potential business partners;
  • in the current economic context, Partner Risk is a key tool for risk management;
    report is a means to analyze competition – synthesizes the most relevant business information

Advantages of using Partner Risk Report:

  • the calculation of liquidity and solvency ratios according to generally agreed standards;
  • presenting an efficient and concise structure;
  • generating extensive, accessible explanations, including for users without a deep financial-economic background;
  • providing a radiography of company evolution;
  • presenting a pragmatic analysis of the stability of companies and their likelihood of insolvency.
    Download  form Risc Parten

Release fee RISC PARTNER Report: 100 RON + VAT / company

The report is purely informative and does not constitute an advice, recommendation, offer or invitation to buy or subscribe for products and / or services. In this respect, Partner Risk can not be the basis for the conclusion or termination of a contract or commitment of any kind nor is it a guarantee to minimize or eliminate certain risks associated with the user’s activity.

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