• Prince Michael the Brave set up Ploiesti in 1601, turning it into a boomtown
  • The 18th century and early 19th century were marked by the development of
    trade, exploitation and processing of natural resources – including oil, which always had
    a special role, that keeps this day;
  • In the 17th century began the salt exploitation in Slanic Prahova salt deposit.

Currently, the resort houses a spa and the largest salt mine in Europe;

  • In 1857, Romania was the first country with an officially certified oil production – 275 tons, which was reported in “The Science of Petroleum Encyclopaedia English Book”
    1939 edition;
  • In 1875 began operating the “Mehedinteanu” refinery in Ploiesti, the first in the world;
  • In 1904 was founded in Campina the first school for driller foremen in the world;
  • In 1908 were established in Ploiesti the “Concordia” workshops for the repair and manufacture of oil machinery, which were the precursor to the famous oil equipment
    manufacturing companies of today;
  • Between 1950 – 1957 were established in Prahova county research and design institutes for oil and gas surveying, drilling, extraction, transportation and processing
    as well as for oil equipment;
  • Since 1967, the Oil and Gas University runs in Ploiesti, having oil specialized oil faculties – Oil and Gas Engineering, Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology –
    unique in Eastern Europe.
  • In Prahova county operate four refineries: Petrobrazi (OMV Petrom), Vega (Rompetrol) Petrotel-Lukoil (Lukoil) and Steaua Romana.
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