The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prahova is the right place to fiind many and useful business information – domestic and from abroad, attentively sorted and processed, ready to be accessed by the business community members from Romania and abroad.

We provide business information on:

  • Prahova companies and their fields of activity;
  • companies in Romania and their fields of activity;
  • business opportunities in Romania and abroad;
  • real estate opportunities;
  • business information on different fields of activity and economic studies.

Division of Internal and International Afairs

Director: Ms. Mihaela HRISTACHE

  • Pentru orice informații considerate de interes pentru dumneavoastră, ne puteți contacta:
  • Adresă:Ploiești, str. Cuza Vodă nr. 8, Prahova, România
  • Telefon:(+40) 244 514.530
  • Fax:(+40) 244 512.552
  • Pagină departament:click pentru link intern
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