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Top of Prahova Companies event

Edition XXIV

3 november 2017

Grand Ballroom – Sky Center

The event was the feast of the Prahova business community where the best performing companies were awarded, classified by  activity  domains and size classes. The GRADE TOP OF THE PRAHOVA FIRMS 2017 reunited approx. 500 participants – representatives of TOP 10 laureates, invited from the diplomatic environment, central and local administration, banking and media.

Top Prahova Firms is

ranking that highlights the economic performance of our county firms.

Companies that are part of the “Top of Prahova Companies” rankings are included in the Catalog of the same name. This catalog is a valuable database – containing the business name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, registration number with the Trade Register, position in the ranking – with the most performing and serious Prahova companies, o a presentation in economical and social synthesis of Prahova county, as well as a presentation of the services of CCI Prahova.

Conditions of purchase Catalog TOP 2017

  • By written order, sent by fax: 0244 – 512 552, or e-mail: [email protected]
  • Directly from the C.C.I. Prahova, Ploiesti, Str. Cuza-Voda, Nr. 8, 5th floor, room 51, tel: 0244 – 596 344 or 0244-516666 – int. 114

Purchase price:

  • 200 RON (VAT included) – for the printed version + CD
  • 120 RON (VAT included) – for the electronic version

To order the PRAHOVENE 2017 TOP COMPANY Catalog, please complete the form and send it to e-mail: [email protected]

Sending will be done as soon as we have the payment confirmation!

The objectivity of the criteria underlying the achievement of the “Top of the Prahova Companies” ranking, but also its recognition through a legal basis (Law 335/2007 – Law of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), makes the Top of Companies marks a true credit standing for them.

The information underlying the ranking is provided by the National Trade Register Office and the Ministry of Finance, and the applied methodology is complex, unitary at the level of the Romanian chamber system, over time, improving and adapting to both the changes in the the Romanian economic landscape, as well as suggestions from the business environment.

The Top 10 highlights the first 10 companies ranked for each main activity group (Research, Development, Industry, Construction, Agriculture, Trade and Services), business activity and size class of companies, in the order of the score obtained by processing five indicators – net profit, operating profit, current profit rate, efficiency of human resource utilization, efficiency of the employed capital utilization – based on a methodology approved and applied at national level.

The ceremony of awarding diplomas and trophies to the Top Prahova companies is organized in the form of a genuine glamor of competence and success, in which companies benefit from maximum promotion and visibility, acknowledging their affiliation to the elite of the prahovene business community.

Appendix 1 – Correspondence between Domains and Activity Groups 2017

Appendix 2 – Items in the financial statements

Appendix 3 – Weights of indicators used to calculate scores

Business Ranking Methodology XXIV th Edition

As special guests, they honored this event with E.S. Mister. Ivo Josipovic – President of Croatia between 2010 – 2015 and E.S. Mister. Emil Constantinescu – President of Romania between 1996 and 2000. Diplomatic Corps accredited in Bucharest was attended by business ambassadors, economic and commercial counselors from 35 countries. Among the brand invitations present at the event were: Mr. Dragos Gabriel Zisopol, Deputy – President of the Hellenic Community of Romania, who, as Quaestor of the Chamber of Deputies, has sent a message from the Romanian Parliament, Ms. Rodica Paraschiv – Deputy, Mr. Bogdan Toader, President of the Prahova County Council, Ms. Mădălina Lupea – Prefect of Prahova County, Mr. Adrian Florin Dobre – Mayor of Ploiesti. Besides these, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Energy, as well as of the institutional partners of the CCI Prahova were also present: Vice-Rector of UPG Ploieşti – Mihai Minescu, President of the Chamber of Commerce Great Britain – Romania – Mr. Charlie Crocker, President of Confindustria Romania – Prahova Branch – Mr. Alfredo Tisocco, President of the Italian Circolo Impact Association in Romania – Mr. Gaetano Vernarelli, President of the Association of Turkish Businessmen (TIAD) – Mr. Murat Demiray, President of the SME Employer Prahova – Mr. Florin Duma, CECCAR – Prahova Branch, leaders of deconcentrated Prahova institutions, such as the Public Finance Administration Directorate, the Regional Public Finance Department, Trade Register Office, Territorial Labor Inspectorate, Prahova Interior Customs Office, Prahova Consumers Protection, Prahova County College.

The laureate companies present at the event – are among the 2 749 companies ranked in TOP 10, out of the 5 690 that have met the conditions for inclusion in the TOP. There are 404 Prahova companies (out of a total of 12,377 of all counties), of which 52 is ranked 1st. Within the GREEN PRAHOVENE 2017 GALLERY GRADES, the laureate firms have been awarded diplomas for Top 10 ranking, but and trophies for Corporate Social Responsibility (30 laureates) and for women’s business performance – the “Business Woman Trophy” (27 entrepreneurs and general managers of companies). On the occasion of the celebration of 160 years of Prahova oil tradition, Prahova CCI awarded the Prahova 2017 Top Gala Gala, the Prahova companies in the oil field and the related fields, as well as the institutional partners an anniversary plaque. The ceremony of awarding diplomas and trophies was interwoven with an artistic program realized in collaboration with the “Toma Caragiu” Theater Ploiesti and the “Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic, but also with a gala dinner.

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