NPP Starlink - inconic cables

Fiber-optic microcables-sensors manufactured by LLC «NPP Starlink» for fiber-optic monitoring systems

Technology background

Following a rapid development of optical communication cables in Russia in 2005 a new fiber-optic communication cable has been introduced. This cable also functions as a special sensor for fiber-optic monitoring systems.

The unique design of the cable sensor (no central module made in metal or plastic) allows to produce new types of cables with specific features – heat resistance (up to 250 °C), cold resistance, strength (hydrostatic pressure up to 500 ATM), flexibility (bending radius of 30 mm) and plasticity (elongation up to 0.5%).

The machines used for production of fiber-optic cable are designed by LLC «NPP Starlink» and are unique. Both the micro cable and cable machines are protected by patents and have no analogues in the world.

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