ZAVPlast - Producator de sisteme de inchidere din plastic, pentru sticlele de bauturi spirtoase

Firma producatoare de inchideri combinate pentru sticlele utilizate in industria bauturior spirtoase este interesata de colaborari cu firme romanesti.

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  • Adresa: 214000, Building 15, Novo-Moskovskaya St., Smolensk, Rusia.
  • Telefon: +7 (4812) 30-49-14;  +7 (960) 582-95-39;  +7 (964) 617-07-08
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

About us:

The Smolensk Factory of Plastic Products, Ltd. (Russia) specializes on the production of combined bottle closures for the alcohol industry.

Our philosophy is based on approaching each customer on a personal level,  high standards of manufacturing, automation at each step in the production process, provision of complex services ranging from design to delivery of the ready-made products.

Our enterprise is situated in Smolensk in the Smolensk Region, Russia. Employees have many years of experience in the field of design and production of closures for the alcohol industry. Together with our customers we put our ideas into practice in a form of individual decisions about closures.  We clearly understand and know what exactly our customers look for in terms of packaging for the alcohol industry.

We are proud of our team of professionals. Our key priority is high professionalism on the behalf of employees at all levels and stages of production. The enterprise is provided with new modern equipment accredited by high standard world leaders in the field of moulding and decoration, which allows for production of items of a high standard.

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